Analysis Of The Performance East Circle Road Of Sidoarjo

Muhammad Ayung Tama, M. Ikhsan Setiawan, Sapto Budi Wasono


Along with the increasing number of the population of Sidoarjo, this has an i mpact on traffic volume, it occurs on the road of Gedangan roads to Buduran, therefore carried out the transfer of road access to the East Ring Road with specialized for heavy vehicles, due to the transfer of the road, it is necessary to perform the analysis of the East circumference road performance. The research aims to determine the magnitude of the influence of heavy vehicle volumes on the road performance of the East Ring road. The performance Of the east circumference traffic by counting the Level Of Service (LOS) and calculating the volume Of the vehicle compared to the road capacity (degree Of saturation). Traffic volume Data surveyed for 2 days (6 and 10 August 2020), for 6 hours per day at 06.00 – 08.00, 12.00 – 14.00, and 16.00 – 18.00. The analysis of road performance is using the Manual road Capacity (MKJI) method with a degree of saturation (DS) as the main indicator of road performance. The results of the analysis showed the performance of the road on the condition of the excitation point 1 the value of saturation of 0.61 and in point 2 of the value of saturation 0.97 and the result of service level of roadway 1 is C (steady current speed and motion-controlled vehicles) and in point 2 is E (current unstable speed sometimes stalled close request of capacity).


East circumference, Sidoarjo, Indonesia Road Capacity (MKJI)

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