Analysis of The Effect of Cultural Tourism Development, Accessibility and Economic Policy on Tourism Competitiveness in Indonesia

Ardiyanto Maksimilianus Gai, Tono Mahmudin, Vivid Violin, Ahmad Nur Budi Utama, Riesna Apramilda


The goal of this research is to pinpoint tourism trends and patterns that can enhance visitor experiences and enhance the economic and social advantages for local communities. We conducted this qualitative research through interviews and surveys. The surveyed population included men and women from various age groups, economic work backgrounds, education levels, and social status. Architectural heritage has an important role in the development of cultural tourism in various countries, including Indonesia, because of the unique city layout, historical value, and aesthetics of its buildings. Various steps, including the development of architectural tours, exhibitions, workshops, and collaboration with local communities, carry out efforts to preserve and promote architectural heritage. We hope that by raising public awareness and appreciation of architectural heritage, current and future generations can continue to enjoy it, while also positively contributing to the strengthening of a region's cultural identity. Through sustainable efforts, architectural heritage can become a productive resource that supports the preservation and strengthening of local heritage and identity, so that cultural tourism development can provide significant economic and social benefits.


Tourism, Development, Heritage, Social Benefit

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